1. officialwarriors:

    Single digits. #GSWCountdown

    The excitement is REAL! 


  2. "Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."

  3. "San Luis Obispo part of the grand Central Coast in California, is a perfume of roses, a peaceful countryside jungle, a holy and innocent cluster blemished with murderous stains, a transcendent thought, a picture clothed with astronomical views, a tradition."

    Justin F. Libaste

    I miss it.

  4. Kaleidoscope Dream

  5. If kids ask you where babies come from, this should answer their question haha #theblingblings101014 @schoolroy_q @pjcrz @ayedrun (Congrats @yaybees & @bo0jee!!)

  6. Picasso (at de Young Museum)

  7. Remember them Saturday’s at the Livermore HS gym and it was super hot inside but we just didn’t care bc we were having wayyy too much fun or bc we were sleeping ? Haha Yeaaap, I miss you guys haha #C2Cwithdrawals

  8. Happy Sunday Everyone! #uuyyyyy 💑

  9. Happy Birthday Mama!

  10. Hands down, still one of my favorite performances on any show or event.

  11. torikellymusic:

    happy thursday lil nuggets

    Sigh…what a beaut.

  12. (via ikelmayyy)